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10 Reasons you should choose Marble or Tiles

There is a fair probability that you have seen marble when researching flooring alternatives for your new house or home remodeling. After all, from ancient times, marble has been the preferred flooring material. But there is one more option which is popular for flooring, I assume that you have guessed it, yes, Tiles! Tiles have become a trend lately and a lot of people got attracted to them because tiles are cheap and installation is pretty quick as compared to marble. But is it actually worth it?

Tiles are considered more prone to damage and are fragile, whereas marble can support an elephant's weight, and the shine of tiles only lasts for a limited time, whereas the marble in my home was installed before I was even born, and I'm just 28. Oh Please! I am not that old. If you are living in confusion about what flooring is right for you. After reading this article, you should have a better idea of whether marble floors are the best option for your house.

Imported Marble looks gorgeous

The appearance of tiles made of real marble is unparalleled. Marble has a very royal appearance and is available in a wide range of hues, patterns, and finishes. Although imitation marble flooring somewhat mimics the appearance of real marble, it cannot match or compete with the genuine. As an illustration, consider our marble tiles in Mink Grey and Cream Stone. There are no fake marble flooring solutions that can equal the elegant design of each of these tiles.

Marble is a highly durable material

Marble is very resilient for a natural substance. The imported marble of Kishangarh has a reputation for endurance that spans centuries and is also renowned for its purity. Although flooring choices are made of synthetic materials that are likewise quite durable, many people choose marble since it is all-natural. There has never been a bigger trend toward choosing real marble tiles over imitation ones.


Despite the potential durability of synthetic tiles, several varieties are vulnerable to breaking if large things are thrown on them. Imported Marble or marble, on the other hand, provides a durable surface that is very resistant to breaking. There won't be any cracks if you use marble for your flooring.

Marble is an excellent insulator

Marble is known to be an excellent insulator. It stays relatively cool even under direct sunlight during summers and retains warmth during winters. Therefore, marble tiles will allow you to save on your heating and cooling costs to some extent.

You can use marble tiles in any room

Imported Marble has a very adaptable appearance that allows for usage in any environment. For shower walls and floors, bathroom vanity tops, and niches, marble tiles are a fantastic option. They perform admirably for kitchen benchtops and splash backs. Even tabletops may be made from them and utilized both indoors and outside. Of course, they may be utilized in any space as flooring. You might select our Cream Interlocking marble tile from Ross's Discount Home Centre as a flexible alternative for any space.

Marble reflects light

The ability of marble to reflect light is one of the factors that lend it a timeless appeal. As a result, marble gives the impression that spaces are vast and lighter. This is a significant factor in the choice of light-colored marble tiles by many homeowners.

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