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Use of Marble in Luxury Villa, Hotels, Resorts, Malls, and Towers

Marble has long been regarded as a material of distinction and ageless elegance. Because of its various variants and adaptability, marble is still used today to decorate opulent hotels all over the world. It is a go-to material for building and outfitting these places. Because of this, the hospitality industry frequently sees interior designers and architects reinterpret marble and marble elements to adapt them to the aesthetic taste of the moment. This results in hotels' lobbies, rooms, and decorative objects becoming iconic elements in the collective imagination, introducing new trends that are then adopted by different sectors. Despite technological advancements that have introduced other options to the market for interior coverings, marble is still the preferred aesthetic covering and is frequently used in hotel projects (particularly luxury ones). Marble is a symbol of quality and individuality.


The first pictures that come to mind when we think of hotels are the grand lobbies that greet guests and usher in new experiences. Like the Waldorf Astoria Hotel - Roosevelt in New Orleans, which has marble mosaics dating back to the original structure built more than a century ago, or the Raffles Singapore, one of the most majestic hotels in the world featuring a classic style lobby that could not exist without the immaculate white marble flooring.

Application of Italian Marble in Hotels

The majority of designers choose marble as their first option because of its distinctive texture and natural beauty, in addition to the fact that it makes an environment appear big. Marble always gives a room a beautiful touch. Cleanliness and space are two qualities that individuals want in their surroundings. Utilizing white AKASIA marble makes it simple to accomplish this appearance. When using white AKASIA marble with dark materials on the same surface, you may try to create a more upscale atmosphere. You may amaze your visitors and create an exceptional appearance by doing this.

Area where you can use Italian Marble

The design of lobbies is crucial, as was said at the beginning of the article. Because the foyer is where visitors first create a judgment about your establishment by taking in the design, décor, and materials utilised Therefore, by utilising marble, particularly white marble, you may make the lobby seem ten times more beautiful and therefore generate a good impression on your visitors.

  • Corridors:Hotels may decide to take a more modern approach and cover the walls or floors of the corridors with elegant-looking white and light grey marble. Hotel stairways, railings, and walls may all be decorated with marble with ease.
    The interiors of the rooms, where visitors spend the majority of their time, are quite significant. As a result, you need an appealing design. You may design timeless environments that appeal to a wide range of preferences using marble's understated yet exquisite look.

  • Bathrooms : in rooms and public restrooms: Because marble is an easy-to-clean material, it will make cleaning and maintenance in public restrooms, where hygiene is of utmost importance, easier. When it comes to bathroom materials, marble is the first thing that springs to mind.

  • Restaurant:One of the hotel's most frequently utilised spaces, restaurants require ongoing upkeep. Using items like parquet or carpet—which are difficult to maintain and prone to damage—is not a smart option. Because of this, using marble is a more aesthetically pleasing and sustainable option that will simplify upkeep and give visitors a comfortable eating experience.

How to choose marble

Due to heavy circulation, hotels should prioritize durable materials in addition to attractive ones. It seems sense to use a sturdy, water- and impact-resistant material. Explore such exquisite marble stones for spectacular designs at stone Hub India, Kishangarh. For more information, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.