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Dremax Marble collection of polished vitrified tiles are the epitome of strength, splendour and high living. Our team of experts work diligently to provide the best quality of vitrified tiles. Ranging from digital vitrified tiles to polished vitrified tiles, each tile exhibits a distinct beauty. The super glossy finish in these vitrified tiles give a mirror like finish that has the ability to make any dimension look palatial.

The ultra-modern, cutting-edge technology that we use to produce these tiles provide durability to the tiles. Our premium range of polished vitrified tiles is a beautiful blend of technological and artistic expertise.

Our double charge floor tiles are finely processed to ensure that they enrich the ambience of whichever dimension they’re put in. Upgrade your living space with this ultimate range of tiles specially curated for those who admire luxury.

Our Benefits

It looks gorgeous, it is durable, hardwearing and resistant to shattering.

  • Marble looks gorgeous

  • Marble is a highly durable material

  • Marble reflects light